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1 step

1 step  The director or the owner of a corporate body must be first admitted as an individual shareholder. If a corporate body is to be admitted with its own programme approved by ICS, then the director will be admitted as a managing shareholder.

2 step

2 step  The director or the authorised officer is to fill out the application, the questionnaire and the agreements in the established form.

3 step

3 step  Documents are submitted in the form of copies assured by the legal entity, previously verify the with originals (the head bears responsibility for checking).
Copies required:

  • of the documents filled out in the established form,

  • the company's charter,

  • certificate of incorporation,  

  • tax reference certificate,

  • resolution on the election of /order appointing the company directors and the chief accountant,

  • the passport of the director and chief accountant,

  • the extract from the Register of Companies,

  • the document supporting the location address of the company.

  • the resolution of the shareholder / the general meeting of shareholders on joining the ICS Orion's Belt.

The copies of the documents to be submitted shall be verified against the originals by the company director (under the responsibility of the director) and bear the company's authorisation, and shall be checked and signed against receipt by the ICS official.

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Admission Fee and
Share Contribution



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large business



Payment reference     

Addition to share contribution


4 step  Make copies of the documents filled out and the passport send by e-mail and regular mail Russia, 107076, Moscow, Krasnobogatyrskaya street 90, page 22, of. 302

As an option, you can submit the set of documents through your authorised representative or personally to the ICS.


5 step   Pay the admission fee and the share contribution (the amount of contribution is subject to the agreement between the ICS and the applicant company).


Pursuant to the ICS Charter and the Law, part of the shareholders' admission fees and share contributions may be used for organisation purposes, the ICS stock formation, tax payment, personnel salaries and other expenses. The funds are used for the development, charity and other purposes stipulated by the ICS Charter.


In case of favourable decision, the applicant receives the ICS certificate of admission, the Agreement and the copies of the ICS Charter to submit for filing with the regulatory authorities.

The certificate has an indication of the shareholder personal account on the front page for raising or reducing the share contribution and for participating in the ICS programmes.

In case of unfavourable decision, no comments will follow, and the money will be returned within 5 days.

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